Thermal Paper is Easy and Convenient for POS Billing

Thermal Paper is Easy and Convenient for POS Billing but Also Requires Safe Handling

In most retail outlets across India and elsewhere, the POS (Point of Sale) billing process has undergone a massive change. The cash counter billing personnel no longer writes down the details of the items purchased on a pre-printed receipt as it was done earlier. Today, the POS clerk simply uses a barcode scanner to scan and copy the product details on the barcode including the price of the product. This is possible through billing machines supplied by thermal paper printer supplier who also supply other consumables like thermal paper and ribbons.

POS billing is easier with thermal paper printer


Most retail outlets that use billing machines prefer thermal paper printers as these are the easiest to operate and maintain. Thermal paper printers don’t require any ink, ribbons or special dye to print because the printing takes place through transfer of heat. Thermal paper has a special kind of chemical coating on the side which is to be printed. This surface reacts to heat exposure through the print head and produces the print output. Therefore, the only consumable that is required is thermal paper printing rolls that fit into the printers.


It is safe to use BPA-free thermal paper

The process of manufacturing thermal paper rolls involves the application of a special chemical on the surface of the paper which reacts with heat to produce the print output. Many thermal paper rolls manufacturers still use BPA (Bisphenol-A) while coating the thermal paper they produce. It has been found by researchers that continuous exposure to BPA over a period of time can have serious health implications for the end users like POS billing staff and the customer who receives the bill receipt. There are a few manufacturers who manufacture BPA-free thermal paper and it is these companies that users must procure their stock from.

Safe handling practices

There is a need to share information with the stakeholders like owners and managers of businesses that use BPA coated thermal paper about the need to follow safety practices after handling such paper. The business owners on their part should educate their staff and their customers about these safe practices.