Retail Stores Need to Focus on Improving Customer Experience

Retail Stores Need to Focus on Improving Customer Experience


Ensuring the least possible waiting time for each and every customer in a retail store is now a priority for improving customer experiences at the POS (Point of Sale). That is why competition has become so intense across most retail stores today. In traditional retail stores, POS personnel used to enter the item details on pre-printed forms by manually writing them down to manually generate the receipts. This billing process tested the customers’ patience as it was way too slow and took a long time to complete. The solution is to automate the billing process with POS printers the stationary for which is procured from POS paper roll suppliers.


Thermal paper printers are ideal for POS


Thermal paper printers offer excellent single color print output on the substrate, which is thermal paper. This is a special kind of paper on which the print output is obtained without any ink and ribbons. Thermal paper is coated with a special chemical that reacts to heat exposure transferred through the print head. The use of thermal paper for POS billing can be managed easily, efficiently and economically by engaging POS paper roll suppliers for ensuring routine stock of thermal paper in their cash counters.


Retail stores must avoid using thermal paper with BPA coating


Thermal paper that is coated with BPA (Bisphenol A), which is harmful for humans and can lead to serious health issues including cancer, lung infection and kidney malfunction among other problems. Retail stores must be careful to avoid using this kind of paper as it will not just endanger the health of their POS personnel but also their customers. In today’s competitive business environment, companies are doing everything in their power to attract and hold customers. In this situation, it would be bizarre to harm the very customers who will sustain your business.


The risk of irate customers


A retail store that makes customers wait longer than normal at the cash counter need to watch out since customers today have many options if they choose to step out of the queue and walk out. Customers can get annoyed because of uncalled for delays caused by slow manual billing processes. A retail store cannot afford to have irate customers for something as basic as a more efficient billing process. All they need is an automated billing process and POS paper roll suppliers for the consumables.